Operationally-focused growth partners

Operationally-focused growth partners


We invest in the next stage of growth with great management teams. This can be investing in an existing management team or offering an exit for a previous management team. 

More than money

We have a strong operational focus, and our goal is to ensure that management have the infrastructure to scale.


Sector specific

We look to invest in UK based services businesses, with a focus on staffing and recruitment.

As a global venture builder, we work with world class management teams to build brilliant staffing businesses.

Our portfolio:

Featured venture

Improving return on investment

Founded in 2015, ThinkLocum has a demonstrable track record of success in placing doctors into work. ThinkLocum joined the Effer Ventures portfolio in 2021.

ThinkLocum is a provider of GP services, providing Locum services to digital health, private surgeries and the NHS.  

Alex Fenton, Role: CEO

Role: Shopkeeper, cheerleader, fundraiser.

Past: Founder and CEO of fintech lenders GapCap and Growth Lending, raised > $100m, funded >$500m and successful exit.

Stuck in a lift with Alex?

Chat about his dog Tyga Woofs, Norwich City FC and if there is no response from 999, ask him what he thinks about doping in endurance sports.

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